Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Prayers for Christmas Card Senders

Christmas Card Prayer Basket - Trish Berg

Wow, it's hard to believe November is already here, and Christmas is just around the bend.

As you prepare your Christmas card list, choose cards and get organized, I wanted to share a neat tip with you.

Over the month of December, you will be receiving tons of Christmas cards in the mail. Some of you may hang your cards over doorways or place them on fireplace mantels. Those are all neat ways to decorate your home with love.

But here's another thought.

You can place all your Christmas cards in a basket, and every night at supper, have each person in your family randomly draw a card out of the basket, and then go around the dinner table and pray for those families by name.

Then return them to the basket, and know that your prayers were heard.

It's a simple, faithful way to live out your faith in front of your children, and hold up your family and friends in prayer in a real concrete way. Trust God to choose the right cards for you, and know that your prayers are making a difference.

Pinterest Pinner Kimberly Pedroche, bundles her cards by years and displays them each Christmas.
As always, enjoy the journey-Trish
Psalm 118:24

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Lindsey D said...

Bundling previous year's Christmas cards together like that is such a cute idea. Much better than storing them all in one box. Thanks!

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