Sunday, July 19, 2009

Da, dum, da, da, da, Here comes the Sun

Wishing all our readers a happy week ahead. You will get some great solar powered gift ideas from the Word Quilter's blog this week. We really want to help you have a less stressful Christmas, and one way to do that is to plan and purchase early.

My family has two solar powered items on our homestead that "light" up our lives. Our friend Eddie found solar powered luminaries at a dollar store, and they are remarkable, a total of six for $6.00 plus tax. They are a square plastic box with two AA batteries that are powered up by the sun througout the day, cloudy, rainy, or bright sun. They begin to flicker on at dusk and last for about three hours. Eddie gifted ours to us last December and the only thing I have done was to put a heavy rock inside each of them to keep them from blowing over. I have three on each end of a platform right before our front porch. These lights have created a delightful homey look year round. Many more outdoor products exist such as Roman stepping stones with a light in the middle, and much, much more. Surf the Web and look for luminaries or other solar powered outdoor lighting.

My second suggestion is a solar powered motion detector light. On our farm, my husband's work truck is parked in an open-sided barn shed a few hundred feet from our home. It seems that the cows love to hover around that end of the barn, and well, let's just say they sometimes mark the path with plops of manure. Stepping in that is no way to start your day. With the motion detector light attached to the eave of barn, as soon as Dave walks near, it sheds light on his walking path, and he can walk in a straight line to his truck or sidestep.

The lights can be purchased at Harbor Freight stores or online. And you can also find a lovely sun-powered garden lantern for $9.99

We'd love to have you tell us about the solar powered products you use.

Happy Summer Days.

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