Sunday, July 5, 2009

When the Tree Tumbles

Hello, This is opening week of posting for the 2009 Christmas season. Each week, the Word Quilters (six co-authors), of A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts ~ Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holiday will post 4-6 themed entries.

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This week's theme: Tips for celebrating when your family dynamics change.

My tip: Be flexible. Everything does not have to be done exactly the same to have a significant and memorable Christmas.

Trees Tumble. Finances change. People move. Family members pass on. Some years bring change, but they don't always mean we have to be disappointed with a Christmas celebration that is different from past get togethers.

Last September, Hurricane Ike blew into our neighborhood and uprooted many things on our farm. My daughter and her family live on seven acres of the farm and they had a huge pine tree go through the back of their house. It poked enough holes in the roof that water leaked down into almost every room and ruined their wood floors and walls. The house was not livable during repairs, so they moved into a rental, and moved back into their home THREE days before Christmas. Yep, they improvised.

She didn't get a single traditional ornament out of storage. Instead, they bought a small artificial tree (very on sale December 22), and they purchased all blue lights (think Elvis' blue Christmas), two boxes of silver ornaments, and silver tinsel. The kids decorated the tree, granddaughter Jolie put on a dress, Jack and Adam put on shirts and they had their Christmas photo taken by Dad and Mom.

Sheryle says, "The best part of Christmas was being back home, in our house."

Remember, if your finances, family structure, or location has changed in 2009. Be flexible.

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Santa Larry Fitzgerald said...

It's good to see folks thinking about Christmas. When times are bad, it's time to remember what's important in life. Remember: Christmas is not a day on the calendar; it is a frame of mind and a matter of the heart. Thank you for starting us on the road to Christmas. -- Santa Larry