Monday, September 28, 2009

Santa's Naughty or Nice List...and mine

Hello, this week the Word Quilters want to help you think about making out your Christmas gift list--oh, not gifts to buy for others, but gifts to receive. Now that may sound selfish for a moment, but stay with me, there is a point.

Gift buyers often have a difficult time thinking of something to buy or make that the recipient could really use. You can eliminate that problem by pre-thinking your needs this fall and jotting down those items. Often, the people who want to give a gift to you will ask, "What do you want for Christmas?" Sometimes in the past, I'd answer "Oh, we don't want you kids to get us anything," or "I don't really know." Those answers aren't very helpful to a busy family. They really would like suggestions. Over the next few weeks, start a "Wish List" for yourself, and then when someone asks, you'll be prepared.

The list helps in numerous ways: no returns; the buyer knows they are giving something you really want; your house doesn't become cluttered with things you really can't use or don't want to get rid of because you might hurt the giver's feelings.

When my son and his wife or my daughter and her husband ask about my wants, I don't want them to spend much, so my pre-thought needs list helps relieve them of deciding what to buy. My kids know they have duplicate lists, so they talk among themselves and tell each other what they will buy.

The past several years these were some of the items on my list. Flannel pjs, a pair of kitchen shears, an insulated pump thermos for hot tea or coffee when we have guests, books by certain authors, smooth writing Profile pens by Papermate(my favorites), favorite teas, fancy beverage napkins, chocolate covered marshmallow Santas. Don't really care whether it's Santas or trees, just about anything marshmallow and covered with chocolate will do. AND I PLEAD WITH THEM TO ONLY BUY ONE THING FROM THE LIST.

You really can help take the pressure off of those who want to give you gifts, if you'll lay a piece of paper in a prominent place and begin your wish list today! Or print the picutred list by going here.

Help us out--as a gift buyer, do you like to get suggestions from the recipients? Do you have a "gifting" story.

Let us know.

Happy list writing.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Oh how I love and live by a list.....