Sunday, November 1, 2015

Amaryllis for Christmas

November is the ideal month to buy an amaryllis bulb and plant it in a small pot for blooms at Christmas.  These photos are of amaryllis from our home. Amaryllis do NOT require a green thumb or much care and they look spectacular as they grow on a thick green stem that reaches up above the pot and looks unusual.

Amaryllis grow from bulbs that can be as large as your fist, and have flowers up to eight inches across, on tall sturdy stems. As the thick stems grow above the pot, they look like strange alien beings, and guests are apt to remark “what is that?”.

Once the blooms open up, the question is answered, as the flowers brighten the room.

Most amaryllis will bloom in six to eight weeks, so November is the time to buy an amaryllis, either as a plain bulb, or one that is already growing in a pot, and that has stems emerging from the bulb. The bulbs you can buy that are almost ready to bloom are usually for red or red and white flowers, though amaryllis can be found in salmon, white and even lime green. There is a wide selection of bulbs and colors available in online and mail order nurseries.

For beauty I put some gardener’s marbles on top of the soil, set the pot in a sunny window, water once a week, and turn the pot a few times a week to keep the stalks growing straight up.When the amaryllis is done flowering, let the leaves die back, and set it in an out of the way corner until next spring when you can water it so it will bloom again, for several years to come.
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This post written by Terra Hangen


Pamela M. Steiner said...

I LOVE amaryllis bulbs. That used to be a traditional Christmas gift to me from my Dad each year (and to all the women in the family). We would take home our little pot with the bulb and plant it according to the directions...and voila! Within a few weeks such a lovely flower! Then I would plant them outside in the spring and often times they would come back and bloom each year. Just have to keep the huge grasshopper (lubbers) off of them...they will eat them down to nothing in one day! Thank you for this delightful pre-Christmas treat! I try to carry on the family tradition now that my father and mother are both gone, and purchase these lovely flowers for the ladies in my life at Christmas. They always appreciate it.

Brenda Nixon, Author and Speaker said...

These are beautiful pictures.

Terri said...

I love Amaryllis but have never tried to grow one. They are always so stunning!
Happy Autumn!

Annesphamily said...

I always think of my mom when I see this plant. She had one and really had a green thumb. I stopped by to say hi and tell you I am joining you too for the Blog Hop Giveaway. I used this address although Brenda was not certain which blog you were using for the giveaway. I know you at your other blog too so I am joining you here. Have a great week .