Saturday, December 5, 2015

Making a Christmas List

Photo of our living room at Christmas 2014.
At this busy time of year I like to make a list of what I choose to do.
That gives me freedom to consider not doing things that no longer need doing, since one year is different from another.
Here are some things I will do this Christmas season.
I love to attend live performances of the Nutcracker Ballet each year, but will decide if I will do that this year.
Set up our festive Christmas tree with lots of old ornaments for the sparkly centerpiece of our holiday decor.
Buy an amaryllis bulb. I did that and planted it in the pot that came with it, on November 17. The color will be a surprise since the kit says it will be red, white or red and white.
Put up our collection of wooden nutcrackers on the fireplace mantle. My parents started this tradition.
Buy a new Christmas book each year. One sweet book is "A Cup of Christmas Tea", for children and adults, about a young man visiting his lonely senior aunt.
Display our two manger scenes.
Holiday meal and gift exchange on Christmas day with family.
Spend time at church.
Mail 30 or 40 Christmas cards to family and friends near and far, some who live in other countries.
New activity this year.
I will attend a holiday lunch and show where my friend is singing and dancing.
Tradition I will not do this year.
Bake Christmas cookies. This year I won't do any baking since I don't have little children around to bake for and we avoid excess sugar and white flour. We do love sweet treats though.
Are there any Christmas traditions at your house that you will enjoy this year, and any you will drop?
This post written by Terra Hangen
Here is a link with info about our co-authored Christmas book:
Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts


Pamela M. Steiner said...

I am working on my Christmas list of things to do and checking them off. Last year we didn't send out our annual Christmas letter/card since our son had passed away that year, and I just couldn't write it in a card. I'm thinking I may have to get busy and send out our letter this year so people won't think we dropped off the face of the earth. Since I just retired, I have a lot more time to do things...but it seems like my time is getting taken pretty quickly. But I do have our tree up and the decorating is pretty well finished. So...time to tackle gift shopping and cards. Love your organized planning. I'm taking notes. Thank you.

Louisette said...

Happy Xmas,Happy days untill New Year,
Best regard from Belgium