Monday, September 27, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

This week's theme: pets at Christmastime: do you do anything special for yours?

Over the years, our household has had four farm dogs--one at a time--Benji a beagle, Honeybun an Irish Setter mix, Cyrus a purebred hound (loved to hear him bay), and finally Dugout (found abandoned in a baseball dugout), a mix but definitely some pit bull. Dugout loved children and he loved my husband. My husband uses a John Deere front end loader tractor to load his dump truck, and Dugout got in the habit of sleeping in the loader, and he wouldn't let anyone near the tractor except David or me.

All of those farm dogs are gone and we decided that we'd not get anymore. But what special friends they were. We liked to treat them to those packets of Moist and Meaty, especially on holidays. Also, we always try to give our farm cattle a little extra alfalfa on Christmas morn. And we see many critters who travel from one wooded area to another across our yard. We continually see a rabbit, probably not always the same one. Hawks, owls, coyotes, deer--we see or hear some of these nearly every day.    

We keep bird seed and water out for our winged friends year round. The dirt dobbers even like to get a sip out of the bird bath and go make their mud homes in the summer. I plant Zinnias and the Monarch butterflies are winging their way to Mexico and visiting every day now. In general we have a friendly place for domestic and wild thangs throughout the seasons.

Do you give a special treat to your pets on Christmas day?  


Mandie said...

We use to have a dog that had her own stocking. Now we have a cat and 10 chickens. We usually give pumpkin (cat) a new toy and the chickens get to "eat" with us. We share our bounty with them, LOL. They give to us so we love to give back to them. Blessings!

Leann said...

Well our little Alley gets a few new cat toys and we are always careful to keep the bags away from her - she gets scared from all the noise the wrappings make.