Friday, September 17, 2010

Our tradition of opening presents

Opening gifts at Christmas is part of most families' traditions, and often there are two distinct times to do this.
Many families open gifts around the tree on Christmas eve. This photo shows our Christmas tree and cat, Bigboy, on Christmas eve, 2008.
My family opens the presents on Christmas morning.
Which camp is your family in?
My husband grew up in Ohio and I grew up in Wisconsin and custom there in our families meant waiting for Santa Claus to come in the night, come in through the chimney and bring gifts. This meant we waited for Santa and opened gifts on December 25.
Many families choose the other option and open gifts Christmas eve.
It was SO hard to sleep Dec. 24, listening for sleigh bells in the night. One night a neighbor ran around our house ringing sleigh bells, which was very thrilling for my sister and I to hear. Since we did not have a fireplace, Santa came in through the front door, which we left unlocked for him.

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