Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enjoying Tex-Mex on Christmas Eve

Christmas involves some amazing traditions—birthday cake for Jesus, day after Christmas shopping, watching A Christmas Story in our PJs, reading the story of Jesus’ birth, and many more. One of my family’s favorites is eating Tex-Mex on Christmas Eve. Perhaps our minds and bodies realize we’re shifting to turkey and dressing, etc. the next day and several more following, and we desire something completely different the night before.

My family buys homemade tamales. We’ve made our own, but it’s time-consuming and complicated and the end result is never as good as authentic ones made by people who really know what they’re doing. We have seven-layer dip and thin, crispy tortilla chips. Sometimes we make a taco salad or tostadas, but the highlight of the meal are the spicy pork tamales.

I think of them as opening act—sort of warming up my tummy for the feast to come the next day. Yum—I’m hungry. How about you?

Leslie Porter Wilson

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Mandie said...

You make me hungry for some homemade Mexican food! I haven't had a homemade tamale in years... now I am craving it, lol.

Great traditions!