Thursday, September 30, 2010

Call Now to Reserve Your Pet’s Spot

If you’ve ever been caught scrambling to locate a place to keep your pet while you travel over the holidays, you probably don’t need to read today’s post—unless you just want a friendly reminder. The point is, if that’s ever happened to you, you’ve probably already made arrangements for your dog or cat or hedgehog by now.

We endured this painful—yet-oh-so-rewarding—learning experience a few years back when my husband and I got our wires crossed. I thought he was taking care of boarding arrangements. I thought he was. You see the problem. So, please learn from our mistake. Look up the number for your pet’s bed and breakfast or and dial them today or ask your trusted neighbor. You can always cancel later if your plans change, but it’s much more difficult to add a reservation as the holidays draw near.

You want to make sure Scout or Sadie has excellent care, right?

Leslie Porter Wilson

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