Saturday, October 9, 2010

Craft Books for Kids

While our theme for the week is children's books for the holidays, for Crafty Saturday, I'd like to suggest a book that might help get you and the kids started on making some gifts. Gifts Kids Can Make, by Sheila McGraw has some easy gifts to make and even instructions for home made wraps.

Looking for some good ideas for gift giving for the youngsters? How about come craft books? I ran across a series of books called, Look What You Can Make With. . . The series uses paper plates, household items, paper bags, etc. This might be a great gift idea for a teacher as well. (Search at Amazon and you'll easily find the series.)

Another idea--cookbooks for kids. Again if you search Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you'll come up with quite a variety from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and other sources. When I was a kid, I had a kid's cookbook that I used well into the first years of my marriage. Some of the recipes were so easy and so good, I made them often.

All of these kind of books teach kids to follow instructions that can be a great help to them in the future--like when they are in their chemistry lab in high school or college.

[Posted by Karen Robbins ]

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Mandie said...

All of those books sound great. I am going to search Amazon and see what I can find for the girls.