Monday, October 11, 2010

A Fave Child's Book and a Gift under $25.00


Elbert's Bad Word is not a Christmas genre book, but it's a perfect gift for a child age 4 and up. My 12 year old grandson recently saw the book in our home and said, "I remember this book. You used to read it to us all the time." I read it to them all the time because they requested it all the time. One day at a grown up party, Elbert heard a bad word, and it was about the size of a gnat so he stuffed it in his pocket. But the bad word grew. When Elbert had a croquet mallet land on his big toe, the bad word sprang out big, ugly and hairy. The pictures are really attention getters for children. The story teaches children how to use other strong words when they need them, but not bad words. Wonderful! Wish adults could rid themselves of bad words too. Look for Elbert's Bad Word here.

A gift that I will purchase this fall for my husband and son who travel often is compact binoculars, specifically the Bushnell Powerview 13-2514 8x21 Binocular. I searched and found suitable ones here with comparative pricing. These compact binoculars, about the size of a small digital camera, may also be used to bird watch or can be taken to concerts when you're in the "cheaper" seats (no cheap seats at concerts it seems). They are just under $25.00 even with tax included.

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Maria I. Morgan said...

This book sounds cute! I love writing children's books as well as inspirational/devotional pieces. Thanks for the heads-up on the binoculars, and you're right, there are no cheap concert seats! Have a great week!