Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inexpensive, unique gift wrap ideas

Holiday Gift Wrapping can be Fun and Inexpensive:

1) Buy a large roll of plain brown paper. Write messages on outside: "Open me first." "What's inside?" "Don't Shake."
Write clues to content: "What's furry and squeaks?" Or cover package with huge question marks. Or let children in your family make hand prints, draw Christmas scenes, or silhouette cutouts after Thanksgiving meal, and then use paper to wrap Christmas gifts.

2) Use items you would normally throw away as gift containers. Drop a set of fancy measuring spoons into a plastic lidded empty baking powder can. Use leftover spray paint on the outside of coffee cans, and then tuck gifts inside. Use the newspaper plastic sleeves for oblong gifts. My newspaper comes in pretty blue wrappers. Use several tucked inside each other to hide gift.

3) Last week I mentioned this one, buy those store logo reusable shopping bag and gift those and your gift.

Got any good gift wrapping ideas? Share them with us this week. It's two months until Christmas...just a heads up...Cathy    


Charissa said...

I like the empty baking powder can idea! I'm slowly getting better at matching the theme of the gift to the gift wrapping, and that's a very cute idea.

One of my favorite ideas for resourceful gift wrapping is grocery bag gift toppers - turning an ordinary plastic bag into a cute pom-pom! You can see an example here.

Cathy Messecar said...

Charissa, I saw your lovely blog and the many, many ideas. The Pom, Pom, gift bow from recycled plastic bags--Clever!

Thanks for stopping by our blog.