Saturday, December 18, 2010

Makeup Bags To Go

My husband and I have stepped foot on all seven continents and almost completely circumnavigated the globe over the 20 years or so that we have been avid travelers. When it comes to packing, we have learned that less is. . .less to carry.

When it comes to toiletries especially, you need to decide just exactly what is essential. To save weight and space, check out the samples aisle of your local drugstore (CVS, Walgreen's, etc.). You will find smaller items that will make do for your trip even if you can't find just exactly the same brand that you normally use. It is also the place to find those liquid carry-on items that are no bigger than 3 ounces to get through security at the airport.

Now since this is Crafty Saturday, here is a link to a site that has more than 18 different kinds of makeup bags you can sew. One in particular would be great to roll up and tuck in your suitcase and would make a great gift item for someone who travels.
[Posted by Karen Robbins]

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