Monday, December 20, 2010

Very Last Minute Doable Gift--even the 25th

Each year I try to do for or gift something to someone who hadn't ever received a gift from us. It might be a customer that we especially connected to that year or it might be someone in need of help financially. I've already done that this year, but who knows if someone comes to mind--even on Christmas Day--I could still honor them with this very last minute gift.

Some online companies are offering E-Mail gift certificates that you can order on Christmas Day and those will be sent to the receiver via email.

One such company is I sometimes buy books for people, but it's really nice to let them choose a book they've longed for or download a book to an electronic reader.

Gift certificates to bookstores do quadruple good and much more: Besides the nice gift, they support writers and authors who, for the most part, make less than a dollar for every book sold. They also get people reading, and a book increases knowledge or entertains--they expand our minds, and, after all who wants a small mind.

Here's a direct link to purchase a gift card by email. I'm not being compensated to tell you this, just sharing friend to friend.
Thank you for all your comments as the Word Quilters posted Christmas hints since July of this year.

Warmest Christmas wishes to you and yours.    

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