Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Costly Christmas?

Do you find that the errands, gifts, extra groceries, cards, and charitable giving make your Christmas costly? Well, this time of year does increase spending but, it doesn't have to break your bank.

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Although there are tons of tips in our Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts I'd like to share one little idea to increase the meaning of Christmas without the money. 

What's more special than giving something homemade, personal, and affordable? Teach your children to make handprint cards for teachers, grandparents, pals, etc.

Using an 8.5 x 11" sheet of cardstock, folded in half (like a card), trace Dad's handprint with a red colored pencil. Next have Mom trace her hand in green inside the outline of Dad's. Then, using a different color pencil for each child, trace his/her handprint around the large one of Dad and Mom. 

By using a different color for each family member, the card is joyfully colored plus gives distinction to each person. You can shade inside the handprints or leave them plain.

Next, print the name of each person or glue a small picture inside his/her handprint. What a unique keepsake!

Open your "card" and write a Merry Christmas greeting to your recipient. You can buy large envelops at stationary or craft stores that will fit your homemade card. But to save more money, simply use giftwrap and a glue stick to make a colorful envelop.

Check out some of the other ideas in our book and have a Merry, money-wise Christmas!  ~ Brenda Nixon

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