Thursday, December 19, 2013

White Elephant

"What!?" she exclaimed with a broad grin.

The circle of friends roared with laughter. I nearly fell over in my chair. Someone else was slapping me on the back as she hooted and hollered in delight.

It was that pesky white elephant gift we'd been passing around for years! The item itself wasn't as funny as the fact that the stupid thing kept popping up each Christmas at our annual White Elephant gift exchange. 

From one year to the next, I couldn't remember who was bestowed the honor of taking home the offensive possession but, each year we all circled our chairs at a new party and hoped we were not the one "blessed" with it. 

And the one who brought it tried to disguise it with elaborate wrapping that'd make everyone one else want to choose it from the pile of glittering gifts under the tree. It became an art to camouflage it - making it appear new - for the next "victim."

Odd isn't it? Something that repelled us actually brought us together.

Question: What's the funniest White Elephant gift you received or gave away?

Brenda NixonCo-author, A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts

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Michaele said...

I just love white elephant parties. My favorite was when I wrapped up a live chicken in a box.