Monday, December 2, 2013

'Tis the Season

Everywhere you look there are colored lights, decorated Christmas trees, wrapping paper, and the sound of seasonal songs. I love it!

If you've read our book (see right) and our bios, then you know we each have different interests aside from writing... or differences in writing. We each live in different states. But we've come together to pen this tome to help you cherish your family and simplify the holidays.

One American group that doesn't decorate their homes, drag a tree inside the house, or tune the radio to hear constant music, is the Amish. Since writing A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, I've become personally acquainted with some Amish, our daughter married a fine young man who grew up and left the Amish, and my husband and I have hosted several individuals transitioning from Amish to English life.  

I've been on a vertical learning curve about this complex, cloistered culture. Today, I blog about the Amish, specifically the most conservative orders -- Old and Swartzentruber. So what I share does not reflect all Amish. Rather than describe here their Christmas behaviors, read a bit about them in my post  "Amish Christmas." Click the link to my new blog and enjoy!  ~ Brenda Nixon

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Gattina said...

When I read the name "Swartzentruber" I thought he was of German origin, but according to Wikipedia he came from Switzerland. Very interesting to know how they live and they still speak a kind of German dialect.