Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crafty Idea for the Charity Gift Tree

Many shopping malls, stores, and churches at this time of year put up Christmas trees with paper ornaments that have a name or description of a child on it for you to take, buy a gift for, and return for distribution to the child. Since it's Crafty Saturday, let's consider a gift of creativity. What child, young or old, doesn't like markers, colored pencils, watercolors, paper, fancy templates, fun hole-punches, stickers, etc.? Why not consider putting together a crafty box of supplies?

Or if you want to shortcut the process, check out your local craft store for craftkits. There are tons of choices from making jewelry to paint by number to wood projects. Just remember that the child may not have an adult to help them with the project so you want to make it something easy and age-appropriate.

While you are at it, mention that you are looking for a gift for a charity tree and perhaps the store would be willing to give a discount or add something of their own for you to add to the tree gift.

If this is something that you do on an annual basis, remember to shop the sales after Christmas!

Happy crafting! Karen Robbins

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Star said...

That's a lovely idea Terra. You're right, all children love drawing and painting and making things. Over here in England, the churches have a Christmas tree festival in the weeks leading up to Christmas, where different organisations in the church decorate an artificial tree and you can say which one you like best. There is a small entry fee and nice crafty gifts to buy afterwards and the churches look just so magical all decorated up and lit.
I like the way it highlights which organisations there are. It's a really feel good event.
Blessings, Star