Monday, November 15, 2010

Gift a pair of goats, chickens, or buy a mosquito net

My husband and I have donated to Christian Relief Fund for years because we know the founders and in this past financial report they only used 7% of their donations for advertising and administrative work. 

Do you have an older member of family or anyone you could honor by donating in their name? Through CRF, you can give Christmas gifts to a child for $10.00, or sponsor a child per month for $35.00, or give farm animals (chickens $15.00, a goat $65.00 [pair$130.00], dairy cow $500.000, emergency food for $35.00, life-saving medicines for $50.00, clothe an orphan for $30.00, save a life with a mosquito net for $10.00, build a home in Haiti for $4,000 or share the cost of homebuilding, or help the helpers (CRF needs to upgrade their technology to expand efforts to help more children). You could send a child to elementary and High School or Univeristy (from 275.00-1,200 per year), or change a life through vocational training at $250.00 or share the costs. Or share the good news with a gift of $5.00 to bring Bibles through the hands of missionaries.

Click Christian Relief to check out their organization.  They are members in good standing with the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).

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Mandie said...

That sounds like a great foundation. We donate to St. Judes every year. It is close to home. We also give to an angel from the angel tree. It feels so good to give doesn't it?!