Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tips to a Healthier Christmas- Trish Berg

Ok- this may be the toughest post I have ever written. I am not sure I have a good game plan. I love the Christmas baking and cooking, and probably eat way too much fromThanksgiving to New Years.

But, I do exercise. I try to go to step aerobics class 3 times a week, as usual for me, during the holiday time. And I add in a jog or walk or to each week as well.

My theory is go ahead and eat what you want, but try to eat in moderate amounts. And exercise more to burn off those extra calories.

Sorry of that sounds lame. I know. Not a great tip form me this week.

But I do have some fantastic ways you can exercise during the holidays. this is from a post on my Tip of the Week that goes out every week. (You can sign up for free via my website.)

5 Tips to Staying Healthier This Holiday Season

1. SALAD DRESSING - Did you know that the cap to your favorite salad dressing is 1 tablespoon? So, if the serving size is 2 tablespoons, pour 2 cap-fulls onto your salad and you have kept those calories down.

2. SAUTE IN PAM - Many of you already do this, but you save a ton of calories by simply sautéing your food in PAM instead of butter or oil. And they have a variety of flavors, too!

3. NIBBLE NO MORE - If you are like me, you nibble as you cook. Those calories can add up fast and you end up overeating without even thinking about it. Here’s a great tip. Simply chew sugar free gun while you cook. No more nibbling, calories saved. (Chewing gum also works late at night when you are watching TV and have the urge to snack.)

4 .CHOCOLATE CRAVE - When you are up late at night wrapping presents or baking and you get that chocolate urge, grab a bowl of Special K Chocolate Delight cereal instead of candy. It has more nutrients, fewer calories, and will fill you up and satisfy that chocolate craving.

5. PLAY OUTSIDE - No time to go to the gym to exercise? Well, simply take your children sled riding. You will get plenty of exercise walking up those hills. Or grab a girlfriend, bundle up and go for a winter walk. The air will refresh your spirit and the exercise will refresh your body.

Most of all, don’t stress about things, especially exercise and dieting. Binge diets never work for long; you have to think long term. Keep your goals reasonable and attainable, make it a family affair, and make it fun. Being healthy is a journey not a destination. When you backslide, and you will, just start fresh again, and again, and again.

And here are some neat FAST FACTS on how many calories you burn every day

How Many Calories Does THAT Burn?

• Walking 30 minutes burns 149 calories
• Grocery shopping for 30 minutes burns 122 calories
• Fast dancing for 30 minutes burns 171 calories
• House cleaning burns 216 calories every 30 minutes
• Mopping your kitchen floor burns 153 calories every 30 minutes
• Kissing burns 1.2 calories per minute
• And even brushing your teeth burns 6 calories in 2 minutes
• washing the dishes or ironing burns 77 calories
• Even playing cards burns 59 calories
• And for all you couch potatoes out there, watching a 30 minute sitcom burns 36 calories (Must be all the laughing…)
* Data from The Calorie Control Council

So the best advice? Reduce your calorie intake, and burn more calories by doing more stuff. Break out those Christmas CD’s to start dancing in the kitchen as you chew gum and bake, and pucker up and kiss the ones you love!

Enjoy the journey- Trish
Psalm 118:24

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SJ said...

Great tips! Things we dont usually think about until after the fact. Ugh!


Chrissy Lynn said...

love your site. The Christmas Scrapbook looks great. -- Chrissy Lynn, author of Grandma Says

Sparkles said...

It's so timely to start thinking of a game plan for the holidays. Walking and swimming are my two of my favorite exercises. Thanks for your tips. Sparkles

Anonymous said...

So if I dance when eating a cookie, it's a tiny bit better, right?

Cathy Messecar said...

Chrissy Lynn, I'm in your hometown until tomorrow. I'd hoped to meet you. Maybe it will still happen...Thanks for stopping by the blog...Cathy Messecar, co-author A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts

Dina said...

Thanks for the helpful tips.

bleuet said...

I just love your Christmas Scrapbook :-) - the tips are great too... look forward to read more - Thank so for all the effort you put into making such an attractive book.

Kelly said...

I like the idea of chocolate Special K to help with the chocolate cravings...I love regular and berry Special K, but haven't tried the chocolate one yet, thanks for the tip on that (and the other tips as well as the calorie burners!)
Blessings to you,

JT42 said...

great tips, it's easy to get "caught up in the moment" but it' harder to reverse :)

Abi said...

I love the tips. Those are great. The Christmas scrapbook sounds like a very wonderful book. I'd love to win it.

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