Friday, September 26, 2008

Watching Those Holiday Calories

Oh dear!
I have no secret information on how to avoid overeating during the Christmas holidays.
Essentially, at our house, now that our children are grown up, it is easier to stock the kitchen with healthy foods, which is helpful.
Usually we have no ice cream or cake sitting around tempting us, but holidays are different, since we do have some decadent desserts. My husband and I each stick to one serving of dessert, and send the rest of the fruit tart / fudge cake / baklava home with our sons.
Is this too cruel to our sons? They are happy when they leave, laden with heavy duty paper plates loaded down with delicious leftovers for their next meal.
We drink lots of water at our house, before and during holiday meals, which helps to fill up faster.
I also subscribe to the idea that we eat more reasonably if we are not ravenously hungry when the dinner bell rings and the meal is served, so I put out things to nibble on, like shelled nuts and boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce. Yeah, I'm a big fan of protein.
I welcome tips on this topic.
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Terri Fisher said...

I found your blog via 24/7 Moms. What a great idea! Your book looks wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing with us!

tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com said...

Holiday calories... gasp! NOOOOOO! I don't even want to think about it! Although you are completely right and I totally should.

Just came over to your blog for the first time from God's Shining Stars blog. Very nifty site you've got here!!!!

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Dina said...

Good tips, but I don't like to drink alot of water, so I just don't eat as much as I might like too.

Lalycairn said...

Ugh! Is it time to start thinking of those Christmas calories already?? Yep, end of September, I guess it is!! :)

Abi said...

Holiday calories. I watch them go right to the mid section. I'd love to be included in the drawing for this basket and book.

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