Monday, November 10, 2008

Bank Accounts and Baubles

This week we will give shopping tips to early shoppers. Mine are a little out of the Christmas box, and have to do with next year and wedding showers and summer boredom and kids. But you will need ot do your shopping now to help you with those things this next year.

Early Shopping tip # 1

One of my firends, buys (on sale of course!) extra nativity sets during the holidays. These are what she gifts to newlyweds or if she is invitied to a wedding shower. Shop now, if you like this idea. You probably will not find these in July. She buys four or five and she said the bride and groom are always touched when they open a gift that will bless their FIRST Christmas together.

Very Early Shopping Tip #2 (for 2009)

Mothers of elemntary age kiddos know that by the second week of summer some children may already say the "B" word, "I'm bored." Here's where your planning ahead will come in handy. This Christmas find instructions and the supplies (on sale of course!) that your children will need to make 3-4 ornaments. Tuck the supplies away until summer. Write a note on your June 2009 calendar page reminding yourself that you have the supplies and where you stored them.

The first time your sweet angel says the "B" word, whip out your supplies for one onament. Make this a fun, fun event. Hint that there are more ornament making days ahead, but don't tell them what they are. Spin the mysterious into these events.

Allow your children one project, then in a few weeks another, and so on until all the ornaments are made. These can be used next Christmas as Bible class teachers' gifts, for Scout Leaders, neighbors, etc. Make it a festive summer day, by serving them snow cones, if your refrigerator makes crushed ice, or ice cream or yogurt. Just make their refreshment something cool and KOOL. Play favorite Christmas music.

Don't forget to wirte on your November 2009 calendar that you have the ornaments. Hope these tips help. Do you have any staid or new tips for early shopping or planning ahead. We'd love to hear your hints for keeping the holiday calm. Or let us hear about the best early bargain you've ever found?

Cathy Messecar

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Anonymous said...

That is a great idea!

Creating ornaments.
I'm gonna tell my wife about that.
She stays at home all day with or girl.

When you get the time, please check out the Christmas tunes on my page.

Thanks a trillion,