Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decorating Imperfection - Trish Berg

When it comes to Christmas decorations, I enjoy putting out the homemade, handmade decorations from my children. Imperfection at its best.

They look crooked, have Christmas spelled "Chrstmis"and are usually made of paper, markers and ribbons. But they hold what is most dear to me - the love of my family.

Don't try to make your home look perfect. It isn't. It is lived in, by the people you love the most in this world.

Let your children help decorate this Christmas. String some popcorn. Made a homemade garland out of construction paper rings. Make candy canes out of pipe cleaners. And let your children decide where to hang them.

Some homes may look perfect on the outside, but they seem cold on the inside. Every light is in the right place, every ornament hung to perfection. But where is the clutter that comes with living with and loving children?

I am a neat freak, and if left to my own devices, my home would look like it was ready for a photo shoot form Better Homes and Gardens. But I am not left alone. Praise the Lord!

God has blessed me with a husband and four amazing children.

So you won't find perfection here. Nope- Not even close!

If you come to my house around the holidays, you will see pretty white lights on the banister, wreaths on the doorways and stockings hung with care.

But you will also see hand drawn pictures of Santa, Rudolph, and evergreen trees as my children help decorate our home with their love.

Martha Stewart would be so jealous!

Enjoy this Christmas season - every bit of it!

Blessings-Trish Berg, Co-Author


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