Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brenda's Black Friday Shopping Tip

We stood in the crowded parking lot, the darkness just turning to dawn, steaming cups of coffee in our hands and laughing with the others what idiots we were to be waiting for a store to open at 4 AM.

Are you the avid bargain hunter who crawls out of a warm, cozy bed and braves the cold, black night to drive to your favorite shopping spot? My mom thinks it's stupid; I think it's sorta fun. But I don't have to scan the newspapers for sales and do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday every year.

But here's a life-saving, mentally healthy tip: keep your kids home. They do not need to be drug out of sleep, hastly dressed, and plopped into a cold van just so you can find a bargain. Puleeze, take 'em to a trusted relative or friend the night before if you must hit the stores early. As I share with my parenting audiences, shopping is an adult activity. Don't take a kid to the store, stuff him in a cart, and constantly tell him to stop crying or to be quiet. It's no more fun for a kid to do adult shopping than if you had to spend the day in the colored ball pit at a McDonalds.

Let's make Christmas shopping fun for everyone.


Cathy Messecar said...

Brenda, I love this advice! The comparison is great. Pwease, pwease. I don wanna go to de ball pit...Cathy

Brenda Nixon said...

Ha Ha, Cathy - thanks for your comment.

Vickie said...

I have been an avid Black Friday shopper for over ten years. It started when I was a divorced single mom with very limited funds. At that time my young son loved to get up with me and I can remember one time having him wait on the bench near the exit doors while I stood in line with his GI Joe that he so desperately wanted that year. A sweet greeter at Wal Mart that went to my church knew I was a single mom and she watched after my son so I could purchase his presents.

I agree that it is much easier if the children are not shopping with you. However, we both have fond memories of that morning and eating pancakes together afterwards.

Now I have what I am wanting scoped out and my trips mapped out so that I can be most effective. This year my sweet husband will be with me in the madness.

One year we were in Dallas and decided to try our hand at Black Friday there. WOW! I have never had such an adrenalin rush before! We scored our items but boy was it hectic!

Check out the black friday deals on They have all the black friday ads as they become available.

Dina said...

I can't do black Fri anymore, with a brand new job, can't get off, but the past few yrs, I've watched my litle grandkids, so couldn't go anyway.