Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where Did I Put Those Presents?

It's in the genes. I thought I would never become my mother but it's happened. I start shopping for Christmas. . .well, right after Christmas. Usually those are for the big kids--novelty gifts that I wouldn't spend the money on but are fun to see them receive.

Around September my mother would hand my kids catalogs and tell them to circle what they wanted for Christmas. I try not to do that with my grandchildren. I remember that most everything in the catalogs got circled. While I don't often start out to shop that early, if I do happen to see something that catches my fancy for a gift, I purchase it.

I've also been known to buy something while traveling. Books are a great find when you go to unusual places. Often there are books there by local authors you don't normally see in bookstore chain stores. This year, I found a book on whales in Hawaii that has Japanese as well as English text for our bilingual granddaughter. (Shhh. Don't tell.)

The problem I have had in the past though is remembering that I bought the gift and/or remembering where I stashed it. I've solved that with my little pocket-sized notebook. Each year I start a section of a notebook and list all the names, one family to a page. I then carry that with me or keep it handy at my desk for writing down what I've purchased. I have designated a special place at home where I stash the gifts (I'd tell you where but then I'd have to. . .well, you know). I now have a record of what is purchased and when it's time to wrap, all of the gifts are in one place.

Am I the only one who's had this problem? By the way, the adult Sunday school class I used to teach thought this was so funny that they purchased a lifetime supply of little pocket-sized notebooks for me!


Cathy Messecar said...

This year with our move, I've really had to think ahead about where to hide those early purchaes. Like you, I keep a list of gifts I've bought and things I hear my family say they need.

Great idea about the notebook, my single piece of paper with all info on it is easily misplaced...thanks for the tip...Cathy

Vanessa said...

Oh my, yes that sounds familiar! In fact, I have hidden gifts that I purchased and then totally forgot about them! I have found them months later when organizing drawers or closets or spring cleaning! I've learned those items also make GREAT Valentine's Day surprises or Easter basket additions!

I am much better organized with a "gift closet" that I use for non-family members. There I store hostess gifts or wedding and graduation gifts that I find throughout the year. It's also perfect for "last minute" gifts and for finding a gift for someone who unexpectedly drops by with a gift at Christmas.

I enjoy all your tips so much! Thanks for sharing!!


Karen said...

Vanessa, your comment reminded me of the scene in Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase is in the attic trying to hide gifts and finds old gifts from years before.