Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cherished Memory Ornaments

Here’s an idea to keep your kids and/or grandkids interested in your Christmas tree decorating this year. At your local craft store, buy some thin flat wooden pieces, either squares, circles, or shapes. This time of year the stores might even be putting out some holiday shapes.

Then pick up some Mod Podge. I was delighted to see they still make this and you can even get it with a sparkly finish. In the same aisle, they will probably have those brushes that are actually a brush-shaped sponge. You’ll need one or two of those.

Now mosey over to the aisle that has some small bags of decorations like snowflakes, or sparkly shapes and find something that suits your fancy.

A little ribbon to make a hanger and you’re ready for the check out counter.

When you get home, find some great digital pictures of your kids or grandkids either portrait style or doing some fun things from the year just passed. You decide the theme. Reduce them to a size that will fit on the wooden shapes you’ve purchased and color print as many on a page of paper as will fit. (You can group them on a page by using Microsoft Word and inserting the pictures. Click on the picture properties or format picture and adjust the layout so that you can fit several pictures on a page.) Print them out.

Now you’re ready to cut and paste and Podge. Put a picture on one side or both of a wooden shape and use the Mod Podge to adhere it. You can add your sparkly snowflakes or other decorations and then layer on the Mod Podge with that spongy brush to create a smooth surface. This will take some time for drying in between coats (rinse your sponge and wrap in plastic wrap to keep it soft).

Use some glue to attach a small ribbon to the top as a hanger and you have some clever ornaments that are captured memories. The kids will hunt all over the tree for them or be eager to help you decorate and the conversation will be cherished memories as they look at the pictures.

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