Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sharing our spiritual testimonies made for a wonderful Christmas gift

About three years ago, my mom asked for an unusual Christmas gift. She told us that instead of buying her a present, she wanted every member of the family to take turns sharing their testimonies--how they came to know the Lord.

On Christmas Eve, when we traditionally open gifts with my side of the family, we gathered around the fireplace in my aunt and uncle's log cabin in Evergreen, Colorado. The setting could not have been more idyllic--a light snow fell; we sipped hot cider with cinnamon sticks; the fire warmed us all.

Mom shared why she wanted to hear us "say so," primarily because she wasn't certain of another family member's salvation. She simply wanted to hear her children and grandchildren testify to the fact that Jesus was their Savior and Lord.

I'll admit that it felt a tad awkward at the beginning. I think my oldest son shared first; he's not shy! Then, one by one, we opened up about our journeys of faith, highlighting our salvation as well as any high points of growth thereafter. We cried, laughed and hugged one another--sharing a level of intimacy I've never known before.

Though this was without a doubt my mother's favorite Christmas gift of all time, I imagine it greatly pleased the Lord as well. I'm sure he smiled as his children testified to one another about his wonderful, sacrificial love for them.

I encourage you to try this with your own families. Then, let us know how it goes!
Leslie Porter Wilson

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