Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frugal Is and Frugal Does

I should have changed my middle name to Tightwad a long time ago. I not only come from a long line of penny-pinchers (Can you say rinsing out store brand plastic zipper bags?), but the reality of a more challenging economy has boosted my resolve.

That being said, my frugality extends to Christmas gift as well. My family has adopted several creative themes throughout the years to relieve the financial burden:
• Exchanging gifts bought at a garage sale or flea market—nothing new allowed!
• Shopping resale stores and Goodwill for designer clothing. Find out what days they stock their shelves and be there when the store opens.
• Recycling gifts (We’ve all been given a great gift that just wasn’t us. Pass it along to a family member who could really give that item a good home.)
• Shopping at the dollar store (We did this a lot when our kids were small. I’d give each of them $10 and let them go crazy. The cool thing was, they worked hard to find gifts that fit the recipient. For example, duct tape for my husband who loves to do projects around the house.)

If I absolutely, can’t-possibly-get-out-of-it, must shop retail, I peruse flyers and slick inserts and clip coupons. Some places (even besides Wal-Mart) will accept other stores coupons on identical items. I’m excited that my kids (19, 16, and 15) have come on board with our family’s frugality. (Earning their own income and saving for cars and college might have spurred them on a little!) An added bonus? Good stewardship never goes out of style.

Now it’s your turn to brag. What great deals have you found? Where do you shop for bargains?

Leslie Porter Wilson

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Natasha said...

I haven't had much time lately for bargain shopping sadly. I love your idea of getting started on my Christmas sopping now, though, so thanks for inspiring me!

Best wishes,