Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 10 Frugal Christmas Gifts - by Trish Berg

I was driving home from a weekend at my parent's lake cottage last weekend, and suddenly was taken back by a radio station playing all CHRISTMAS MUSIC. They called it Christmas in July, and since it was July 25th, I guess it fit.

So I have had Christams on the brain.

WIth so many loved ones, family and friends to buy Christmas gifts for, it can be difficult to stay within your family budget. So here are 10 tips for frugal Christmas gifts under $10 each.


1. A bag of flavored coffee and a mug (You can get the coffee for around $9 and the mug at the dollar store for a buck)

2. For grandparents, frame one of your child's BEST artwork pieces. They will treasure it always.

3. For the tea lovers, flavored tea and a good book to read

4. Poorman;s Mocha Mix in a Jar:

Poorman's Mocha Mix
2 cups powdered milk
8 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 cup instant coffee
*Mix all of the powders together and put in mason jar.

5. Home baked bread and sweet jam in a jar

6. Cookie Mix in a Jar (Simple Recipes here)

7. Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds

8. $10 Starbucks (or Tim Horton's) Gift Card (MY FAVE!!!)

9. Muffinb mixes and a new muffin pan.

10. Manicure Pedicure basket filled with files, polish and lotions

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