Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Would Have Guessed?

By Trish Berg

Who would have guessed that my most favorite Christmas gift was the gift that was free. 

Mike and I had just gotten married. It was Christmas 1992, and we were as poor as dirt. Mike was working at a furniture store delivering furniture, and I was in graduate school earning next to nothing as a grad assistant. We were living in a tiny duplex, and we knew we would have no money to buy each other something for Christmas.

So we agreed to not get each other a gift.

But Mike, as he usually did, surprised me with a gift.

He built me a hand made creche, a manger box where I could put figurines depicting the story of Jesus' birth. Of course, at that point, we had nothing to put in it. But it was beautiful nonetheless.

He made it out of old barn siding, nailed it into a box shape, and glued old hay on the bottom.

Now, eighteen Christmases have passed since that year, and that is still my most treasured gift. And it has been filled over the years with the most beautiful figurines reminding us of the true gift of Christmas - the gift of Jesus.

I guess the lesson there is not to worry about spending money on the perfect gift this Christmas. The perfect gift usually has no financial cost at all, rather emotional blessings. Memories, things shared, moments you have lived.

As you start to think about Christmas shopping, start think about blessings. What can you share with the ones you love that don't cost a thing?

I guarantee those will become the most treasured gifts of all.


The Real Me! said...

What a precious story and I agree with you all the way. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to be worth something in the heart!

The Words Crafter said...

How sweet and creative! And I agree. Too much focus is on 'what to buy' and I keep trying to get my husband's side of the family to either put a limit on the outrageous spending, or not do gifts at all. On my side last year, we just got together, played games, fellowshipped, ate, and had a good time....

ginny said...

That is the most sweet story and one I can identify with in my own life. Cost is nothing...Love is priceless!

Linda said...

Love your blog and thank you for dropping by mine! Hope to see you again soon.
What a precious story and oh so true!