Friday, July 23, 2010

A Fun Christmas Pickle Ornament

The Christmas Pickle ornament is mostly unknown to people so I want to share about it here. The custom of hanging a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree is most widely known in the United States, and especially people with a German background.
I was surprised to read that the custom is not widespread in Germany, but is practiced in a small area of that country.
The idea is that someone in the family hides the pickle ornament in the tree, and calls all the children in to see who can find it. The first to find it is considered to be "lucky" for the next year. Some families give a small gift to that child.
The pickle ornament will add a smile to your holiday, since it is so odd and unexpected among all the angels, Santas and stars.

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Leann said...

Hi Terra

We have a pickle! Our sons loved trying to find it. I've given several as gifts over the years.