Sunday, December 13, 2009


Posted by Cathy: Co-Author Trish received the following e-mail from a reader, and we thought we'd share how handy it is to have a copy of our book around at Christmastime. It's a sparkly book on the outside and on the inside it's full of warm stories of family, recipes, Christmas history, and ideas for remembering the baby Jesus and celebrating his future work.  

Hi Trish,

I hope you are doing well. Remember me from last year's Christmas Tea

in Upper Sandusky? Debbie and I were just talking about how it was

just a year ago that we held that...and how that day was so magical! Thank

you again for being a part of it.

A neat thing happened: yesterday was our Christmas MOPS meeting. We

were all set to have a friend, and pastor from Columbus, come up to

speak for our meeting. At the last minute she canceled, and I scrambled

and prayed to come up with something to fill her time. I came into my office

and opened up your Christmas book, to look for some ideas. So...I ended

up having each of my steering members read a page out of it, the stories

about the origins of different Christmas traditions, it was perfect! And,

to me it was like celebrating the anniversary of our Christmas Tea. So

I felt like I needed to thank you again!

I hope you and your family have a very Healthy and Blessed Christmas!



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great letter...I am so happy to have a few hours to catch up on blogs...I am finally finished with trees. New pictures are up on the Christmas blog! then

read about a miracle and forward on to anyone that is feeling hopeless....Christmas is the season of miracles..

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog: My Secrets for Happiness! I'm always glad to make new friends!