Friday, December 11, 2009

More Joy and Less Stress

Christmas celebrations and selecting gifts can be stressful, so I offer a few things to create a bit of joy in your home.
Cook ahead for the Christmas feast, by preparing side dishes the day before.
I feed the song birds in our yard with extra seeds during this cold season and they come a flyin' in.
Play your family's favorite holiday movie while company is here, not so they sit and watch it, but just as a fun background entertainment. The idea is that people will pause as they walk around and laugh at a funny scene that they've viewed many times before. For us, the movie is A Christmas Story.
Write plenty of Christmas cards, even to folks who don't send you one. Sometimes your card could be a spark of joy for the recipient.
Can you find the time to visit a homebound person? I aim to visit my two older buddies who no longer drive. They don't want or expect gifts, just some friendly conversation.
I am sure many of you readers have super ways to add joy and subtract stress from the holidays and I will read your comments with anticipation, and remember:
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Melanie said...

I am really glad that Dena pointed me to your blog! The book sounds wonderful - it's a great reminder of what's important during the season.


Tracy said...

Great tips. Christmas is a very stressful period for so many people and it shouldn't be really.

Planning ahead is the only way to get through it.

Tracy from