Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goodwill at Your Address

Peace on earth covers millions of acres, but what about the peace in your household this holiday? Even though Deecember is here, our regular chores and lives move forward right along with the tinsel, the Shepherd's costumes and the eggnog. So what keeps you on an even bobsled during this month?

This week, the Word Quilters will give you tips for keeping the joy in Christmas, for fostering peacemaking in your home, not just being a "peace keeper."

1. Don't set your expectations too high for your home decor. Have you ever gone dress shopping when you already had a style and color in mind? I did and nothing on the racks met my expectations. Christmas can be like that too. Decking the halls at the malls is a lot easier than from pulling together a collection of his, mine, and ours. They have designers and budgets for decor, we have garage sale decor items, hand-me-down Lenox pieces and little hands outlined in glitter. All of these are tucked into spots reminding us of certain people. The items are not clutter because of all the memories tied to them. If someone brings you a gift. Display it proudly, no matter if it matches.

2. Keep the atmosphere loving, open, and lighthearted. Avoid pointing out your pet peeves throughout this month. Get out of the habit of saying, "I just hate--Mondays, frizzy hair, my weight, or numerous other things we casually say we hate. Don't nag others about behaviors. By January, you may be surprised at how your generosity improved the "flavor" of your home.

3. Make December a Secret Santa month for your family.  Secretly do things for other household members that will actually ease some of their work load. Empty the trash in your husband's office. Offer a back rub. Well, that's not exactly secret. I guess you could blindfold the recipient. Dream up your own list of Secret Santa things to do for others.....Shhh. Don't tell. You are doing this out of the goodness of your heart to help another, not to get applause.

Until next Sunday or Monday....
OK, that sums up my advice for a calmer December. Just wait until you read my co-authors' tips. These girls are goooooood!

Anyone want to chime in and share how you set the peace pace in your home?


The Real Me! said...

Those are some very very good tips!

DK said...

I am a huge fan of flylady. If you don't know who she is go and check her out at She has a holiday control journal that I follow. She has you pretend that you are going on a cruise and it leaves December 1. So all your shopping has to be bought and wrapped by then. So in December all you have to do is bake and get your Christmas dinner together. It brings for us such a peace. To not have to battle the malls and all the crazy shoppers. Frees us up to have more family time and time to invite people over. It has been such a blessing to us.