Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teacher Christmas Gifts on the Cheap - By Trish Berg

I have 4 children who each have five teachers at school, and one Sunday School teacher at church. Now, I am not a mathematician, but that's about...hmmmm, let's see. Four times five add more, carry the one.

About 25 gifts. And that can get expensive.
So what is a mom to do? Here are 5 TOP TEACHER GIFTS that won;t break the mom bank.


1. COOKIES IN A JAR - You can assemble these cookie mixes in quart mason jars, and add a fabric swatch on top. Talk about sharing sweet love. Click here for details.

2. LIGHT UP THEIR DAY - You can buy inexpensive votive or jar candles at the dollar store and wrap them in fabric swatches with a tag attached that reads "You Light Up My Days."

3. NOTEPADS - Teachers are always in need of notepads. Find some fun and inexpensive ones at the dollar store and wrap them up in fun paper for your teachers.

4. COFFEE TO GO - Purchase $5 coffee gift cards to a local coffee house or Starbucks. Always a great gift, and no wrapping needed. $5 will buy one sweet cup of coffee. For a variation, get a Subway $5 gift card for lunch on the go. Their foot longs are only $5!

5. HOT COCOA MIX - Make hot cocoa mix. There are a ton of varieties that are sweet and scrumptious. Who doesn't love hot cocoa for Christmas. Tons of recipes here.


Abi said...

Love these ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

Love to win the book too.

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Anonymous said...

These are very nice gift ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to be entered in your drawing for the Scrapbook Christmas.

GrandMaCarolB [at] gmail [dot] com