Friday, December 4, 2009

Select Your Living Christmas Tree Carefully

When you choose a living tree that you will plant in your yard, find out the height and width that the tree will attain and make sure yon don't plant it too close to your house or to a fence.
Years ago our neighbors bought and planted the wrong Christmas tree in the wrong location, too close to the fence between our yards. Soon the tree began pressing the fence, damaging it, and creating shade for our flowers that needed sun. The tree grew tall rapidly and then died, and was expensive for them to remove!

Study where you will plant your tree, and consider the height and width the tree will attain. Noble Fir, Grand Fir and White Pine can live for a hundred years and reach 60 to 90 feet tall, with branches spreading thirty feet in width. For typical yards, dwarf Blue Spruce cultivars with their perfect conical shapes and thick foliage are excellent choices. Semi-dwarf Fat Albert reaches fifteen feet, Blaukissen or Blue Kiss reaches ten feet tall, and White Spruce Picea glauca Conica is a dwarf that only reaches seven feet tall.

Living trees need cool temperatures, so keep them indoors for only a week at most, with plenty of light and away from heaters or fireplaces, and be sure to keep the root ball moist. Before planting outdoors put the tree on a porch or in the garage for a few days, to allow your tree to acclimate to the change in temperature.

Your living Christmas tree will be a family treasure for years to come, and give it a name if you like.

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