Monday, August 9, 2010

A Christmas Ice Wreath for Northerners

This week we share our favorite decorating tips. One that I'll most likely not get to try is a frozen ice ring to hang on an outdoor gate or any door of your home, but they are so pretty. A round tubular mold, such as a bundt pan or Jell-O mold may be used. You may want to fill it about a third full, then layer some small fruits or pine needles, do another layer and freeze and then a final layer. These can be made ahead of time, and when below freezing days stretch out for a week, pull out your ice wreath for a quick decorative wreath.

For more detailed instructions go to 

For those of us who rarely get a hard freeze, you might want to try a Hershey Kiss (red and green) wreath. For those instructions visit this link 

For an after dinner and presents activity, let kids and adults make Christmas wreaths from left over paper, store carefully for use the next year. Link at Instructables

Tell us about your favorite wreath.

(Photo borrowed from last link at Instructables, where you'll find instructions to do many things around your home and elsewhere)

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The Real Me! said...

Neat ideas. I definitely wouldn't be able to do the ice ring one, living in Florida but the Hershey's one intrigues me!
Thanks for sharing.