Friday, August 27, 2010

Rudy Day

I recently learned that some folks have designated the 25th of each month as Rudolph Day, affectionately called Rudy Day. Since I post on Fridays, I didn't post this on the 25th.  Today, August 27, is my dear husband's birthday, also an important day!

The idea is that on the 25th each month you pause and think about organizing for Christmas. Here on our blog, every day is Rudy Day, since we give Christmas celebrating tips from July to January. So enjoy your own Rudy Days in the months to come, as you prepare to celebrate the day Jesus was born.
Do any of you use Rudolph Day to help organize for the holidays?


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hi Terra! Thanks for visiting my Christmas blog. Was I the one you found out about Rudolph Day from? It's great, isn't it? I missed this month because my internet was messed up, but next month I'll make it an extra special one! I'm now following your wonderful Christmas blog. I LOVE Christmas! I also have a book blog. I LOVE books! If you would like to check it out, it's at I hope you will follow or subscribe to my Christmas blog. I will have a book giveaway around Christmas. I also host a yearly Christmas reading challenge that usually starts the day after Thanksgiving. This is on my book blog. Hope to see you around again! Best, Michelle

Terra said...

Hi Michelle, I visited your Christmas blog today and signed up to follow it. I don't recall where I first heard about Rudy Day, but it was on a blog on June 25 this year.