Monday, August 2, 2010

Flying Reindeer, Really?

Someone who thinks they know about reindeer at the North Pole started the rumor that Santa's reindeer were all female because they still had antlers in December. It's time we set the record straight.

I've done a little fact checking and have found that reindeer at or near the North Pole, both male and female, have antlers. If those girls wanted to chip a bit of ice for a cold lemonade, they need the equipment to butt heads with a block of ice.

Most males lose their antlers in late November or early December, but the females don't shed theirs until spring. However the young bucks often hang onto their a bit longer. I tried to reach Santa to ask him in person, but his answering machine said to leave a message and he will call back. I've waited a few days, and haven't heard from him. I know a large shipment of red paint went north, so I imagine he's busy painting toy fire engines and nutcrackers for December.

Here's my two peppermints worth: I personally think that Santa needed the younger teenage male deer to pull his sleigh. Why? They have to get a really good running start to launch that thing into the air. When you don't have the assistance of wings to help you fly, your feet surely has to do a lot of sky-dog-paddling to keep Santa and all those toys airborne.

Can you name all of those flying reindeer? That's another reason I think they are male. Santa picked out all boy names, and he just doesn't make mistakes. He gets all those trucks to the boys and dolls to the girls every year. Silly people. Don't they think Santa knows boy reindeer when he sees them.

If you want to calculate how old you are in reindeer years, just follow the link below.


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