Monday, August 16, 2010

Little hands can help make fabric covered lollipop decorations

We made many of these fabric covered lollipops for our Christmas tree one year when my son and daughter were small. A word of advice, if you assemble all the needed items and have your squares of fabric already cut, then you'll have plenty of time to assist your children with the tying of yarn.

If you want to make extras, keep them in a basket and when friends drop in, let your children give them a lollipop for their'll not only teach them giving but the joy of giving and doing for others.

We only have a few of these left after all the years, but each year, they go on my tree. As I hang them on the branches, I reminisce about the blondies who help make them. Or, if the grands help decorate, I re-tell about the rainy day, and cupcakes and Kool-Aid. And each year, this storyteller, adds to the story a few raindrops and a little more bluster to the wind.

Find step-by-step instructions at e-How: (picture borrowed from there) 

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