Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holiday Houseplants

Since I have a collector’s heart, I possess far more Christmas ornaments than I could ever hope to decorate trees. But I don’t want to keep favorite, meaningful ornaments encased in their plastic storage boxes! What to do?

Decorate other things.

My family (my mom) started with houseplants—specifically a Norfolk pine that sat at the end of our sofa in the log home in Colorado, where I grew up. The space between branches allowed room for larger ornaments. One year we used crocheted (Or was it macramé?) snowflakes, the white against green providing a striking contrast.

From there I moved on door knobs, cabinet pulls, wall hooks. Just about any horizontal protuberance (Gotta love the thesaurus!) works. Now I can have my ornaments and eat them too. Or something like that. (Hmmm . . . kinda makes me hungry for gingerbread.)

Leslie Porter Wilson

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