Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spell It Out

Now while the weather is still good enough to open windows or work outdoors, do some preparation for some new Christmas decorations. One idea I ran across uses large wooden letters that can be purchased in a craft store to spell out Joy or Peace or Love or all three if you have enough space on your mantel to set them up.

Decide on what you want to spell out, purchase the letters and some spray paint in the color scheme you've chosen for your decorating. Use a dab of wood glue to attach the letters to each other in a pleasing way. Don't just set them out in a straight line. When the glue is dry, give the wooden letters a couple of light coats of paint. If you spray too much at one time, you'll end up with runs. I would paint them front and back.

When it's time to decorate, set your word(s) up on the mantel and tuck some greens and or ribbons around the base of them.

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