Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Legend of the Robin

This was one of I'm sure many legends that I've never heard of but with the last name of Robbins, how could I resist not retelling a story about a robin?

While Mary was lying beside her son on a bed of straw, the night became chilly. She was too tired and weak to get up and stoke the fire to keep her son warm. Mary asked the oxen in the stable to help her and blow the embers with their breath. But they didn't stir from their place. Then, the poor mother pleaded with the ass to breathe upon the flame to make it brighter and warmer but the animal was fast asleep.

At last, a brave small Robin heard Mary's pleas and saw her and her son's discomfort. He took pity on them and come through the window to help them. He flapped his wings till the flames rekindled and started burning brighter. Some of the sparks even leapt up and seared the creature's breast but the Robin continued on bravely till the stable grew warmer and the Child slept softly. The thankful Mary blessed the Robin for his bravery and kindness and said that from that point of time, every Robin would have a breast of red as a reminder of the great charity it had done unselfishly for Baby Jesus.

What a perfect excuse now to find a feathered robin in your craft store, attach a ribbon to it, and hang it on your tree!

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Leann said...

This gave me goosebumps. Love it!