Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brenda's Christmas Cooking Tip

What's my cooking tip? Don't!

Take the family out for dinner at a restaurant and relax! The holidays can be like holidaze and often we need to nurture our family-together time. This is a picture of my goofy family having a goofy time while building memories.

Tell me how often you spend time together at a sit-down meal? According to Traits of a Healthy Family, eating together at least three times a week is considered a strength. I hope you can claim that. If not, make it your new year's resolution. . . for the kids' sake.

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Karen said...

There was one Christmas where we ate out with two of our sons who were home. The rest of the family was coming in the next day. We went to a Chinese restaurant and I had to rule with an iron hand as I noticed the boys and my husband getting ready to sing ala The Christmas Story.