Monday, August 4, 2008

How To Wrap a Pie Crust?

Friends are the best! What do you gift your best friend during the holidays?

In elementary school, I had four or five girlfriends, and we still stay in touch. I even had a “slumber party” at my house about 10 years ago. But distance has kept us from having further constant friendship.

After I married, I met a new best girlfriend. Her name is Doris. I can’t say enough good things about her. She knows my weird habits and still loves me. I can confide in her and my words will stay put, they don’t put on travelin’ shoes. She looks out for me, especially lately because she knows that I’m helping to care for four aging parents, my husband’s and mine. She guards my schedule and time. When our friends are planning a wedding shower or baby shower and my name comes up as a hostess, she’ll steer the planning committee to other women. Bless her. Double bless her.

That’s one thing that stands out in my memory of our over-30-year-friendship. We know each other’s schedules and know how to step in and help.

So, thinking about Christmas and gifts for her, the one that stands out in her mind and that she mentions when the subject comes up is the December that I made homemade pie crusts for her. At that time, she was making 400 round trip miles to help care for her in-laws. Her mother was still alive and also needed visits and care. At least all my older generations are nearby.

That holiday season, I could have bought her another cookbook or a jewelry trinket, but I knew she needed help more than anything else. Her family, like most others, enjoys homemade pies, caramel, cherry, pumpkin and more. Early in December, I bought six or so large aluminum pie pans and whipped up my best pie dough recipe, rolled them out, placed dough into the pans, and fluted the edges. I froze them unwrapped for a few hours, and then I wrapped them in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. No bows. No frills. No fancy.

A few days later, I phoned and told Doris I was bringing her an early Christmas present. To this day, she says it was the best ever.

Point the gift of labor at a friend’s need, and you’ll come up with a winner-gift.
What meaningful holiday gift have you given to a friend?


Katy said...

What a neat gift, and a great way to help a friend in need!

Cathy Messecar said...

Doris, said it was one of her nicest baking seasons when she was able to walk to her freezer and pull out a pie crust already in the pan.

I think she still makes her cream pie filling in a double boiler, but I've learned to make mine in the microwave and there's not all that stirring.

Brenda Nixon said...

Yummy, what a thoughtful and practical (and I'm sure tasteful) gift!
Can you ship me some homemade pie crusts?