Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Christmas Habit, The Nutcracker Ballet

Over the years our family has attended many local productions of the Nutcracker ballet. This ballet appeals to lots of people, especially children, with its exuberant dances, sword fighting, and armies of nutcrackers fighting mice soldiers. The story centers around the young girl, Clara, whose mysterious uncle gives her a nutcracker as a gift. The nutcracker transforms into a prince who fights the evil mouse king, to protect Clara.

The ballet has colorful and elaborate costumes and lovely dancing, with a Victorian family gathering around the Christmas tree, a Snow Queen, sugar plum fairy, toys coming to life and waltzing flowers among the many roles for dancers.

As you can see from the photo we have been adding wooden nutcrackers as Christmas decorations for 15 years, and our collection includes a lion, a Scottish golfer, a Santa dressed in white, and many other nutcrackers for display on the fireplace mantle.


Cathy Messecar said...

We've never seen the Nutcracker Ballet. But one year, I'd like to do that. They have productions around the Houston area at Christmastime each year.

In the movie Sabrina, do you remember when work-a-holic Linus asks his secretary to get him tickets to the latest Broadway musical? Low key astonishment dripping from her words, she says, "You do know that means periodically the actors will sing and dance about."

It's a favorite line of mine when talking hubby into seeing a musical on stage or on screen.

Great post.

Karen said...

We took our four-year-old granddaughter last year. She got all dressed up and watched every minute of it even though it was way past her usual bedtime. It was a memory maker!