Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Remembrance for the Christmas Tree

Our theme this week has been about giving a gift to a close friend. Can in-laws qualify as friends? In my case, it will be necessary. You see, one of my best friends happens to be my sister-in-law, Polly. She is married to my husband's identical twin. (And yes, we have lots of stories about that.) The four of us often travel together. One year we traveled for eighteen days through Europe in an Audi.

Polly's birthday is in early November and each year when we've traveled somewhere together, I try to purchase a Christmas ornament for her as a gift. Her tree is filling up with miniature cruise ships, Hawaiian flowered Santas, Tahitian sea shells, penguins (we braved Antarctica together), little European mementos, etc. Each one is a reminder of the wonderful time we spent together and the unusually strong bond of friendship and love two in-laws can share.

Do you have any special mementos that adorn your tree each year?


Christine said...

The special ornaments that adorn my tree are the ornaments my kids make for me each year.

Karen said...

We have moved on to the ornaments our kids' kids make for us. But they bring back memories of those other ornaments some of which were lost in a flood a few years ago.

Cathy Messecar said...

I have many ornaments from long ago friends. It's one time of the year, I can count on remembering them. One is an elegantly beaded Santa, and each year when I unwrap it and hang it on the tree, I think about how much time my friend spent decorating it. Her time invested maked the ornament especially meaningful....Cathy