Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leslie's Put-It-on-and-Forget-It Cooking Tip

December cooking tip

Get out your crock pot! Wintertime is perfect for putting on soups or stews in the morning and forgetting about them until the smell permeates your entire home. Once fixed, soups can be refrigerated for several days—or even frozen, if needed—allowing anyone to grab a quick bowl, along with a green salad and a piece of toast or some crackers.

Some of our favorites include clam chowder, chicken taco soup, ground beef taco soup, chili, white chili, and pot roast. Yum!

What’s your family’s favorite soup, stew or chowder?

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Karen said...

I like chicken noodle with LOTS of noodles. I learned a trick on a Work and Witness trip once. Instead of cooking the noodles in the broth, cook them in a separate pot, add a little chicken boullion for flavor and then drain them when they are cooked. Let everyone serve themselves from the noodle pot and then add their soup to the bowl. That way each gets exactly the amount of noodle they want and the noodle cooking doesn't affect the taste of the soup base.

I know. I know. You all heard this before and I've just dicovered sliced bread ;-)