Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brenda's Money Saving Tip

I hope you're reading this in August when I'm posting it (and not later in December), because my tip is to stretch your Christmas budget by looking for new or needed items at garage sales! Yep, garage sales are a ripe field for budget-conscious shoppers on the hunt for the perfect gift.

During the summer months, I'm on the hunt for gifts that my family and friends want. Sometimes, I have them give me their "wish" list and I look to fulfil it all summer long. By the time Christmas rolls around, I have my gifts bought and bow tied.

If you want more money saving tips, I suggest The Dollar Stretcher magazine. I've written several articles for them, one is called, "No Cost Ways to Show Your Love," and you can read an online version of this terrific, informative publication.

Share one of your money saving tips here for our readers.

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